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Parts of US ’backsliding into the days of Jim Crow’: Joe Biden

Parts of US ’backsliding into the days of Jim Crow’: Joe Biden

President Joe Biden, while addressing a virtual conference, said that parts of the United States are ’backsliding into the days of Jim Crow’ by passing laws which he said are reminiscent of when Black Americans had to pay poll taxes and pass other tests before casting their vote. President Biden had earlier also slammed a Georgia elections bill that imposes new voting restrictions.

peeweeherman 0 months

Wtf is he talking about? Is he off his meds or something??

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Says the guy who opposed federal busing because he didn’t want his kids schools turning into “racial jungles”, Jim Crow Joe would know all about it

John 4 weeks

Nope. Listen to me very carefully: black & Latino people are perfectly capable of taking their ID out of their wallets (or purses) & using it to acquire an absentee or postal voting form. The assumption that this simple act would be too difficult for them is hard core racism. Not the soft racism of low expectations we’ve come to expect from the left but hard core racism. And then calling the other side racists is the hilarity we’ve come to expect.

Jellybean 4 weeks

The true demographic that is disenfranchised by ID laws (if any) may be the homeless, which are (from what I've observed) mostly white, and do not vote in any meaningful numbers.

Vark 0 months

If this is true why doesn't he just move "oppressed blacks" to other states? If it really is this bad ad he lies about.

ttocsick 4 weeks

The confederacy/democrat party were one in the same. Opposition to the 64' civil rights act came from the democrat party (Al Gore's senator diddy voted against it) . The kkk is a product of the democrat party (the late former Senate majority leader, just 10 years ago, Robert Bird (D) of W. Virginia was a grand wizard of the Klan in his younger days). And yes, Jim Crow, was a democrat. Who along with his party, did all they could to keep black folks from voting in the day. YOU DEMOCRATS NEED TO BRUSH UP ON YOUR HISTORY OR DO SOME PHUKN RESEARCH BEFORE IGNORANTLY SUPPORT A DEMOCRAT PARTY THAT HAS DONE NOTHING BUT TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF MINORITIES FROM DAY ONE. HISTORY TELLS THE TRUTH, NOT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY

Seekster 0 months

Leftist areas maybe.

Isaiah 4 weeks

Didn't he user to be a major segregationist?

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