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New images show expansion of migrant facility in Donna, Texas

New images show expansion of migrant facility in Donna, Texas

Recent images have highlighted the extent to which the migrant facility in Donna, Texas has expanded in recent weeks. Authorities are desperately trying to find space to house an overwhelming surge of underage people who are coming from across the border. The Donna facility has been in the news due to some of the most iconic images of the surge in migrants.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 weeks

Where's he getting the money for this? Trump couldn't lay a brick without congress jumping all over him and cutting his funding. He had to use military funds to get anything done. Somebody had to write the checks, but I guess no one cares which account it is now. I wish the press would just do their damn jobs.

Ronnie and mags
Ronnie and mags 4 weeks

Who built the cages joe?

peeweeherman 4 weeks

Biden is doing a great job handling this crisis. He really fixed it!

Cameron tolley
Cameron tolley 4 weeks

"If you ain't sitting under a bridge wrappedin tinfoil then you ain't mexican" Joe Biden(problebly)

Eric 4 weeks

As we are forced to absorb the cost of all these new immigrants, biden actually has the audacity to ask for trillions for other crap..unreal.

Shono 4 weeks

I will be there in 3 days!! 👍👍✨

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