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NPC #9273635 6 months
I was wondering why security only let me see 2 minutes of Delicate, just because I follow her cross country due to her undying love for me does not make me a stalker, I'm just her lover REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Individual > collective 6 months
people will justify anything in the pursuit of some goals. a lot of the acts taken to prevent things like copyright and trafficking and piracy and God knows what else only wind up being counterproductive to the innocent while the guilty continue to try to outmaneuver Authority
Beisht Kione 6 months
Well said.

Beisht Kione 6 months
Minority Report is coming.

sulphide g 6 months
fine like between fans and stalkers these days.

Spartacus 6 months
They should inform people prior to entering giving them the option. The fear is that it could be used like stop and frisk was where they can choose to target people or groups with unrelated crimes or infractions.

Blaeingr 6 months
The new Taylor Swift facial recognition program can help you find your deceased love ones in the masses of zombies during the apocalypse. Now you can be the one to replant your loved ones!

Blaeingr 6 months
Of course its allowed... and while its creepy, it is kind of like live Facebook... you agreed to be owned by Facebook so you can play some lame games and chat.

NPC#9001 6 months
what about diehard fans?