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A Maxi-Mini mall 1 months
Does Florida Man have competition now?
Alex Kasal 1 months
I think it is a florida man who moved to California. But thats just my opinion

Ubercheese 1 months
He sure is one slippery customer...

Kyle Brown 1 months
All he wanted was some fried chicken. So sad, no one told him he could just use the door.

K Mart 1 months
Reminds me of when Groundskeeper Willy went into the vents after Santa's Little Helper. (only far less hilarious) Grease me up woman!
noonespecific 1 months
There's nary an animal alive that can out run a greased up Scott's Man.

MightyMargulis 1 months
slippery situation?

Blaeingr 1 months
Homer... Homer is that you?

Ben B. 1 months
He thought he was slick. He was right.

NPC#9001 1 months
this poor homeless black man was just trying to find a warm place and something to eat

david toh 1 months
trying to break into a chinese restaurant?

FatYeezus 1 months
I feel the fact that it's a Chinese restaurant's vent system which is the worst part. Notorious for being cheap on deep cleaning.

StrangeCalibur 1 months
I wonder how many people just die in places like that. Just stuck, alone, no one can hear them shouting.....