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Oliver Biscuit 6 months
So... 4 states want to take jobs from Americans in an attempt to make Trump look bad while masquerading that they actually care about the environment. Sure coal is garbage to burn for electricity but it can be used to make diamonds... And I dunno what else.
pennydreadful 6 months
Coal can be used to make diamonds? Maybe in Superman comics....
Oliver Biscuit 6 months
How do you think they make laboratory diamonds? They put coal in a machine that exerts immense pressure and heat and a diamond comes out
Gister Merv 6 months
dude, no one would want to be a coal miner. it doesn't pay well, it dangerous, a pain in the ass, and coal is like one of the shitiest fuel sources. it's a waist of time and money

T.N. Morgan 6 months
Help! The weather is attacking us again! Help! We need to put thousands of Americans out of work in order to appease mother nature. Can someone teach me how to do a rain dance?

Sebastian Howard 6 months
Arent we seeing record snows this year?
Deiniol L 6 months
We're seeing record heat.
Bones 6 months
Global warming isnt about things just getting warm everywhere. It is also about extreme weather conditions, drastic changes, and unpredictability/inconsistency. While the planet as a whole is warming, specific locations will experiences colder winters than normal. the Global weather system is more complicated than "everything gets hot at the same time".
Devil Ops 6 months
There was the nasa scientist who explained that the qorld goes through cycles in warming and heating and climate change is natural

Beisht Kione 6 months
You cant scrap coal without a viable replacement. Renewables dont have the ability to replace coal. So, what we going to use to replace such a huge chunk of our energy generation? I'm looking at you, Gov Inslee.
Devil Ops 6 months
I think we need to start looking into nuclear generators and put research on that front because that is relatively viable replacement for coal
Beisht Kione 6 months
Completely agree. Only problem, is that they want to phase out the coal, prior to having a replacement nuke plant, or any other plants for that matter. The price of power would sky rocket and rolling black outside will be a things. People need to stop acting like chicken little and take a minute and think about the reprecussions of what they want, prior to just going out and demanding shit.
Al3xK 6 months
I agree with you,but coal mining cannot be entirely replaced with nuclear power plants. There are still alot of consumer goods made from coal like skin care products, medical products and even some military things like gas mask filters.

The coucil of Ragnarok 6 months
this only good for taxpayers

Mark East 6 months
renewables are the future it's time to end dirty coal and it's destruction to the environment
Connor Scott 6 months
okay, so what would you replace coal with? would this energy source be more efficient in size or resources?
Will Folkard 6 months
Only if you are economically illiterate are renewables the future... get your facts right before you spout nonsense
Colin M. 6 months
@Will. The irony of your comment is impressive!

Roamer MGTOW 6 months
well what do you know? the 4 most radical liberal states want to stop progress.

Artemis Good 6 months
In Texas, the country's leading wind generation state, wind is now competitive with fossil fuels. Via
Beisht Kione 6 months
That's including government subsidies, ie the tax payer picking up the bill. Without the government propping up renewables, they wouldn't be able to compete at all and that's not even talking about renewables lack or reliability or ability to manage base load. In other words, was being misleading. Whether they were being purposefully misleading(lying) or are just ignorant of the subject they are reporting, I dont know, but either way, they are still being misleading. "A study by the University of Texas projected that U.S. energy subsidies per megawatt hour in 2019 would be $0.5 for coal, $1- $2 for oil and natural gas, $15- $57 for wind and $43- $320 for solar. Many of the renewable energy subsidies come in the form of a Production Tax Credit (PTC) of 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour. Wholesale prices for electricity in 2017 were between approximately 2.9 cents to 5.6 cents per kilowatt hour. Therefore the wind production tax credit covers 30% to 60% of wholesale electricity prices."
M.Twain 6 months
BK, the US Government subsidies fossil fuels by billions of dollars. Source Amir Jina Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago
Beisht Kione 6 months
Same with renewables, Twain, as I have already proven. What's your point?