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Andre Gerard 6 months
The media coverage of this is low as always. Can't mention a pregnant Israeli woman being killed by a low-life without making most of the report about how Palestinians are oppressed.
Frank Bonfield 6 months
They are.
Daddy Tito 6 months
By Islam

AltMiddle 6 months
And yet people still think israel is the evil one. the entirety of the middle east wants them all dead. Is it any wonder that they're so defensive?
Xymus 6 months
Israel didn't exist before 1948, it's an invention by the USA.
AltMiddle 6 months
What does that have to do with anything?
Avi Khait 6 months
Ximus is a lying hate troll. Search ancient Israel. BTW, the population of Jerusalem in 1880s already had Jewish plurality.

MightyMargulis 6 months
these are israels peace partners, drive by shooting a pregnant woman just for being jewish

Sean Russell 6 months
do is this like when cops kill someone and plant a gun on them or were they actual gunmen? The world will never know. just remember that this is the country that shoots journalists and kids in wheel chairs in the eye.
Yotam Grinberg 6 months
Are you serious?
infamousAgent 6 months
anti-Semites are always serious.
Justin Friedman 6 months
infamous... such tiresome rhetoric! "If you question Israel and its status as an apartheid state operating what is essentially a large concentration camp for Palestinians, you must hate all Jews!" The world isn't stupid. We can question war crimes and not give a fuck about religious beliefs!

infamousAgent 6 months
also, what do you call it when you hold Israel to standards that you don't hold other countries?

SimonR 6 months
Expel them