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Nearly 70% of Japanese don’t want Tokyo Olympics to go ahead, poll finds

Nearly 70% of Japanese don’t want Tokyo Olympics to go ahead, poll finds

With just 100 days to go for the Tokyo Olympic Games to start, a poll found that 69.9% of the Japanese people don’t want the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza to go ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The survey, which was carried out by Kyodo News, showed that out of 1,032 respondents, 48.3% said the government measures against the pandemic were good, while 44.3% said they were not happy.

Ver 4 weeks

Olympics are a useless economic burden on the host country. It's about time this corrupt extravaganza pitting countries one against the other stops for good. It started in 1896 - sports existed before and could survive if it ends.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

If they back out now, they should forever be taken off of the list of future Olympics sites.

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 4 weeks

In the end , Japan might present an 8K "Virtual" Olympic. Do you need another synonym for stubborn, obdurate, intransigent, ... add Japanese Olympian to the list. Why can't we just ask for a rain check?

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 4 weeks

Are Russia allowed to fly their flag yet at major sporting events yet? Russia caused Covid with the help of Xhina and NK.

Seekster 4 weeks

That is sad. Japan should be proud.

James 4 weeks

Tough decision from a financial standpoint. If 70% of the Japanese are against holding the games, there goes a sizable chunk of revenue from ticket sales, merchandising, etc. Depending on travel restrictions, that may affect which athletes will even compete and whether tourists will attend. TV coverage won't cover those losses.

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