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SimonR 6 months
Capitalism has for the first time in human history made obesity the primary health concern for the poor.
Bon Futur 6 months
sure it has a role to play but also people don't exercise, especially poor people who stare at screens all day and not to mention fat acceptance movement
SimonR 6 months
[capitalism intensifies] Fat acceptance is generally socialist unless you can make money from them.
Nicolas Uppal 6 months
People lose the gumption to exercise because they have a quarter pounder, 60oz of soda and a chocolate pie to sleep with. All of those items are also made by capitalist corporations.

Paul Major 6 months
This problem is present in the majority of western countries. Processed foods are cheaper than real foods. Processed foods are lacking in nutrition leading to overconsumption. The processed food industry is a powerful lobby. Seems like a no brainer. Use the courts to make them pay for the associated health care cost. We already have a precedent with the cigarette companies.
Brandon Spears 6 months
Or you can go work out rather than consume more than you burn off calories...
Lord Pax 6 months
Yeah but what's exercise am I right?
Fernando Granizo 6 months
Diet is a large portion of one’s health. It is about one’s choices on what to eat. If people start choosing to eat fresh food, then grocery stores will respond accordingly.

Avi Khait 6 months
Added sugar leads to obesity. In the 1960s, the sugar industry funded research that downplayed the risks of sugar and highlighted the hazards of fat.
KatoBytes 6 months
You may not be wtong but this is still a red herring. Our lifestyles have become worse and we are overconsuming, regardless of micronutrients.
KatoBytes 6 months
Donald Lungrin 6 months
This is nonsense. Sugar is bad. It doesn’t LEAD to over consumption. You guys need to get real. People can choose what they eat. The same reason poor people are fatter than everyone else is the same reason they smoke, drink, gamble, and even purchase luxuries at higher rates than higher earners is expressly because they don’t weigh out decisions in the same way.

Janitor Jez BingBangBong 6 months
This article seems to explain this phenomena.
Star Alien 6 months
What is the median for american consumption?
Mike Clark 6 months
It's just about consumption, not why people choose to be lazy fat arses
TheWeakMinded 6 months
it isn't simply consumption. I eat between 5000 and 6000 calories a day and barely have a bit of excess fat. usually burning off the fat I put on with longer work days