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Erin Cozzens 6 months
He really needs to just stop with that nonsense. what a joke...Mexico thinks he's crazy, and they are correct. Didn't the Berlin wall get torn down? Stupid, outtdated, immature, expensive and ineffective idea.
MacrossMX 6 months
We all know Trump has no intention to make Mexico pay for the wall. Unless Trump‘s plan is to annex Mexico outright and extract all its resources to pay for the Wall, Mexico will never pay a cent for the wall. And with their new President, I doubt that will happen. Let us all have fun when the Government tax the daylights our of us (except for Koch and Mercer families) to pay for the wall.
Rick L 6 months
The Berlin wall was dividing one country not sperating 2 along a border also this countries leader ship had just been removed by a major war, to make this comparison is either dishonest or ignorant. You litrally sound like you are parroting a CNN show . . . your better than that. Walls don't work is about as true as diversity is out strength. Ill give you one on the Mexico paying part though that is insane.

M.Twain 6 months
Ok, I'm going to need to see those "savings" detailed out. Politicians (and I do mean both parties) are always quick to trot out this BS with no facts to back it up. These types of statements used to be trotted out by the politician's mouthpiece as a trial balloon, Trump trots them out as "facts" and has to own them.
SimonR 6 months
Why didn't you start with "no-one has paid for the wall yet" libtards have no thought process.
Brandon Spears 6 months
I'm confident Trump is lying, unless he can actually prove it which I highly doubt he could
M.Twain 6 months
SR, you seem incapable of actually writing a coherent complete thought.

William Eblen 6 months
Where is the go fund me for a border wall?

Scott Hill 6 months
The sad thing is all the idiots who accept the idea that lowered costs actually *pay* for anything. Hey Trump! If they are PAYING for it, then STOP LOBBYING CONGRESS FOR FUNDING.

Seth Racc 6 months
Yeah I doubt Mexico will pay for the wall.I support trump for some things and not for others.Now a wall would be good,but Trump is being a fool thinking Mexico will pay.

Rocky LeBlanc 6 months
Ok. Buddy. We been doing good and all, but ain't nobody buy this shit you selling here.

Russ Kurtell 6 months
The trade deficit with Mexico for 2017 was 63.6 billion. If we reduce that by 15 billion by 2019 does that count?
Paxton Deer 6 months
I mean, didn't we just renegotiate trade deals with Mexico and Canada recently.