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Cary Brown 10 months
It's a real cringefest! The social justice camp fire scene is one of the most excruciatingly lame things I've ever seen. I can't envisage that it will sell anything to anyone, it's so bad.

Darmonk 10 months
The problem is that the community views rewind as a way to look back and celebrate the creators and community. However, YouTube views rewind as a way to advertise their platform to current and futures advertiser's. After all, at the end of the day, YouTube's primary concern is their real customers.

SûmFigöt 10 months
Remember: Stick it to YouTube by subscribing to Pewdiepie

JustA Lott 10 months
they should have had KDA in there!

Remys Bayou 10 months
I just liked they filmed dying YouTube stars dancing in a forest. sounds so Paul like.

Radek Bedic 10 months
The biggest names on You Tube excluded for PC reasons, and the inclusion of obscure Latin You Tubers no one ever heard of for the obvious reason they speak Spanish. And why would Marques Brownlee be included, he's not an entertainer he reviews phones and gadgets. Wow

Larry Cucumber 10 months
Greetings Fellow 9 year olds 👌

Keego 10 months
Anyone else just waiting for Rewind 2019 to dislike it even more than 2018?

FoodNotBombs 10 months

Anders Bodving 10 months
This reminds me of when Homer Simpson made a homepage, and filled it with every annoying thing that was on the internet back then....

Paul Dixon 10 months
I’m so proud of this community.
SûmFigöt 10 months
Muh Asian Representation!

Experiment Eks 10 months
What used to be the platform of the average person who could find audiences because of who they are, thus breaking the long-held belief that only the very beautiful or groomed by corporations people can capture an audience is now the playground of these corporations. DESPITE, the users saying this isn't so. YouTube should go down. I wish there are better alternatives. But unless people are willing to venture out and try other alternatives, then they will continue shitting in their backyard.

Steven Cline 10 months
They say that like they're surprised....

Rick L 10 months
Get in before they disable the dislike button

Sergeant Dornan 10 months

Andrain 10 months
The lack of Tide pods was disturbing.

Rubberbucket 10 months
I'd like to take this opportunity to say that everyone needs to subscribe to Pewdiepie! Down with T-series! Reeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Blaeingr 10 months
WINNING... oh, wait...

BenJonathan 10 months
closely followed by Facebook's year I review and those stupid "friend" anniversaries.

Rhys Elliott 10 months
Good Job everyone. all 10 million of you.