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nathaniel cowan 10 months
mission accomplished
YUDODIS 10 months
Lady's and gentlemen, we've done it.

Omnom 10 months
So YouTube is out of touch with their audiences. How could this be?
Brian of Life 10 months
The only audience they care about make up a tiny percentage of their user base, I hope I see Google, and all their ultra lefty employees, crash and burn in my lifetime.
Oliver Biscuit 10 months
That's what happen when you pander to the screaming harpies that make up ~1% of the audience
Lashed 10 months
they are not out of touch with their audience. they are currently in the process of banning everyone who holds different view points so they can be in touch with an audience...

ConcealCarryProtect 10 months
Awwwwwghahaha That's hot. THATS HOT.
CCHAP88 10 months
That's my favourite bit. Great for making memes

tacticangel 10 months
Until next year.

Novanglus 10 months
the fact that YouTube is pleased with the results of the video shows that it's not going to get better.
Lance 10 months
wait... they're PROUD of what they made? Good god....
Novanglus 10 months
yeah, if you read the cnbc article a spoke person from YouTube says that the results of the video we're positive. even all the dislikes
Oliver Biscuit 10 months
Yeah because it turns out it's not about the content creators, but a commercial for advertisers to see the "advertiser friendly" people they have making videos.

Der Rikmeister 10 months
If you take the YouTube spokesperson's words at face value that they see even negative attention and dialogue as a good thing, why isn't Pewdiepie included? The most subscribers, controversies, etc. He should be hosting it. Unless, of course, they're implying that censorship is a good thing as long as it generates dialogue.
Mira Rae 10 months
That’s actually a really good point
A Maxi-Mini mall 10 months
At least an animator managed to sneak in his chair
Novanglus 10 months
if you watch that part of the video with his chair carefully you'll see on the shelf in the back ground a submarine, a peace sign, and a capital P which means "sub to PewDiePie"

NPC #9273635 10 months
Thank God they didn't let that Nazi PewDiePie on there #WallStreetJournal
AlexK 10 months
Did you just assume zeir pronouns? You are a discrace to zour cause!
NPC #9273635 10 months
zhey* #OrangeManBad
SimonR 10 months

SN 1054 10 months
It was a cringe fest.

Parker 10 months
well deserved

Paxton Deer 10 months
9 year old aRmY too strong.

Yuzatsu Panda 10 months

Vault Tec USA 10 months
Whats youtube rewind
Beisht Kione 10 months
An annual video YouTube makes sort of showing off some of the biggest creators and things that have been going on on the platform. This year they used some of the people they used arent even really on YouTube or havent made videos in almost the whole year. Not really the part of YouTube I care about, so meh. They also pushed some progressive identity politics, which did annoy me.
Vault Tec USA 10 months
I despise identity politics
Evolved Ape 10 months
It’s a trap!

makkusu 10 months
Because no PewDePie!
Charles Mathewson 10 months
There was no *clap**clap* Year review

Kable tha Kiid 10 months
In the audiovisual world we have a saying............Shit in = Shit OUT

IAMLS360 Sterriker 10 months
Ladies and Gentlemen .......... We got ‘em
Muzammel Gouhary 10 months
we got em

Evan Fanara 10 months
Good, waaayy too much fortnite

Ms. Mystic27 10 months
Lol, that’s hilarious. I’m not surprised at all. 😂😂

DarkWarrior633 10 months
let's get 15m disliked before 2019 boisss

J Fluoride 10 months
what a stupid video it was. It began with a bunch of stupid nonsense. Then they are like "let's get serious" and the first thing they bring up is mental health which is serious. I lost my father a 2 good friends to suicide. So yeah that's a good thing. But then it goes off of the rails into pure sjw ridiculousness. For "drag" to be mentioned as if its even close to the same level of importance as mental health offensive. Men dressing as women and vice versa should stop being praised. The patients have truly taken control of the asylum.

ConcealCarryProtect 10 months
Should be a whole video of all the channels they have killed in 2018
Wino-wisdom 10 months
that would just highlight their obvious bias...
Draconis Stealth 10 months
Wouldn't that take too long?
Daddy Tito 10 months
Wisdom and the rewind didn’t highlight that already?