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Sebastian Howard 5 months
that knife hand looks like a super peaceful gesture.
Stal 5 months
Trust a paranoid american to see a knife in a hand gesture and then slip into trauma
Paxton Deer 5 months
Dr Phil and Mattis take the cake on knife hands here in the US of A.
Beisht Kione 5 months
Stal, that's what that gesture is called in the US military. Learn it. Love it. Obey it.

John G 5 months
holy shot the UN has accomplished something
Planned Obsoylescence 5 months
Don't be silly... This will not last long.
Al3xK 5 months
At least they are trying to do something good, for once.

Stal 5 months
Great news

devin kubricht 5 months
Yemen concerns me quite a bit. After their government fell, Iran tried to swoop in and put pressure on Saudi Arabia and take the dominant power in the Middle East. This truce could lead to calming of that tension, but I still think we should keep an eye out.