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StrangeCalibur 6 months
Not a fan boy but that’s bullshit, and you know what? Fuck Apple, hope they crash and burn. They are getting what they deserve.

Presley Perswain 6 months
Why would China have to import I phones? aren't they made there? Anyway, I'm going to guess this is in response to the Hiwai executive's arrest.
Daddy Tito 6 months
Made in China assembled in California.

Tubed Stone 6 months
Oh well... That Huwaei executive is still in custody for the Chinese spy chips he put in his companies products they sell to us. Guess we stopped some Chinese spy tech. Cry harder XI... Lulz
Presley Perswain 6 months

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 months
They did not put all those spy chips into the Apple products to spy on their own people. That is meant for the foreign market. they have cameras and cheaper phones for the internal spying, I mean surveillance.

Matthew Wright 6 months
i don't understand why the U.S is making such a bid deal about chinese spyware in Huawei phones. The U.S gouvernement has admitted to putting spyware in iPhones, and monitors all internet users regardless

Mr. A 6 months
Forget Apple and it's broken Qualcomm spy tech. Intel, Qualcomm, they both have back doors in them.

Tayler Woida 6 months
Funny since China violates copyright laws like no other country ever.

Colin M. 6 months
Most countries install chips in hardware they send to other countries for spying. Or in the case by the USA they do this both on things they send out to spy on others, and things that come in to spy on their own people (They intercept shipments of computer hardware and physically install chips and then send them along their way none the wiser as proven via leaks) But the USA is not alone. I'd wager most countries do this to outsiders AND their own people. Def not condoning it, its horrible and wrong on all sides. But if theres one thing all nations higher ups can easily agree on, it's that they have to monitor and control(or manipulate) as many pople as possible.