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Alec 9 months
Good, this was a long time coming. Finally a descent foreign policy decision

Brennan Ritchie 9 months
Add ANOTHER Sanders accomplishment under his belt!
Paxton Deer 9 months
Besides pressuring Amazon, what has he done lately?
Beisht Kione 9 months
He owns a third home, Paxton. That's quite the accomplishment for a socialist who's only ever worked in government.
Paxton Deer 9 months
Weird how that works out eh..

M.Twain 9 months
A break from the Trump Republican Doctrine, hope this is a sign of things to come.
Alec 9 months
The Senate is still Republican majority, so this isn't exactly in defiance against them. Regardless I'm happy to see a good foreign policy decision for once
M.Twain 9 months
Alec you just stated my point the Republican Senate broke from Trump and voted against his die-hard Trump Republicans
Beisht Kione 9 months
Trump fans dont want war. Do you remember half of the right screaming bloody murder over the Syria strikes? Because I do. I was one of them.

MacrossMX 9 months
Considering how 5 Dems voted against the house version of the resolution, let us not get our hopes up just yet. But good job on part of Sanders.

M.Twain 9 months
Did the boys in the Senate get a shot of testosterone, keep it up, boys.

FatYeezus 9 months
lol after both sides agree to a cease fire.

pengersic 1 9 months
Nice headline about rebuking Trump and all, but the war in Yemen was a product of the Obama administration, was it not?
Colin M. 9 months
Wars have seen universal bipartisan support for many administrations, Dem or Rep. USA foreign policy is set by the deep/permanent state, not by the President. Trump ran on a platform of non-interventionism, Obama ran on peace, both give us more and more wars. And this has been the case before Obama and will likely still be the case after Trump. Those who can't see this and still fall into Party rhetoric over these issues are the ones being duped.

Brandon Pagano 9 months
Bernie and Ro leading the charge on holding congress responsible for doing its job.

david dindu 9 months
bomb bomb bomb.... bomb bomb iran
FoodNotBombs 9 months
at the behest of evil
Scruffy Stoat 9 months
and then turn Saudi Arabia into a sheet of glass.

Xymus 9 months
A resolution with no teeth, unenforceable and hardly symbolic, definitely shambolic.

FoodNotBombs 9 months
thank you bernie for standing up for goodness in this wicked world

Scruffy Stoat 9 months
Then you have the "Orange man is god" people screeching about Google selling their services to an Indonesian blasphemy reporting app while claiming MBS was just performing his Jihadi Prince duties of having enemies of the state of Saudi Arabia lured onto foreign soil, murdered, and cut into pieces.

a b 9 months