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House Democrats push bill to ban future ’Muslim ban’

House Democrats push bill to ban future ’Muslim ban’

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee tabled a bill that seeks to bar the presidency from blocking immigrants from entering the US based on their religion. This is a response to former President Donald Trump’s executive order, signed during his first week in office in 2017, which restricted US visas for many Muslim-majority countries. Lawmakers would take up the ’No Ban Act’ next week.

R_Forde 4 weeks

There was never a “Muslim Ban” North Korea was on the list of banned countries too.

WJ MacKENZIE 4 weeks

The muslim ban? Oh, you mean that list of problematic countries compiled by the obama admin? Does this fall into the "create a problem to fix" category?

Blake Downey
Blake Downey 4 weeks

Good! Hasn't ever been a Muslim ban, but let's not ban people based on religion..I totally agree. Now if you want to stop the ban on people who come from countries with high amounts of terror, I can't get behind that. Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country..not on the banned list.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

It never was a Muslim ban but that didn't stop democrats and the media from calling it that. Even still, the constitution gives the president to deny entry to any group, religious or otherwise. If you want to change the constitution, there is a way but it's not 50% of Congress +Kamala.

Daniel 3 weeks

They know there was never a real “Muslim ban”. All the points being brought up about how the original ban was for problematic countries in general, how North Korea was on the list but Indonesia (highest population of Muslims) was not, are true. However, calling it a “Muslim ban” created by a racist that targets minorities for their religion gets the “progressives” target audience upset. Now when you promise this target audience to never have a “Muslim ban” (which never existed in the first place) you look like the good guy without having to actually do anything.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 weeks

Democrats are very good at talking nonsense

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