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Magic mushrooms show promise in depression treatment, study finds

Magic mushrooms show promise in depression treatment, study finds

A new study has found that an ingredient in magic mushrooms can help treating depression. It said two doses of the ingredient –psilocybin – appears to be as effective as the antidepressant escitalopram. However, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London and a co-author of the study, warned against seeking magic mushrooms for self-treatment.

Hunter 3 weeks

I “micro dosed” magic mushrooms for about a month. Took anywhere from .7g-1g a day. Most productive and disciplined I had been in my entire life.

nate 3 weeks

If natural drugs were actually researched 50 yrs ago, we wouldn't have opiate abuse and addiction problems.

Daniel 3 weeks

But that would mean pharmaceutical companies would have to stop making money on their take-daily “cures”.

Mela N
Mela N 3 weeks

Better alternative to antidepressants which is being overprescribed nowadays

Neverless_ 3 weeks

Now you wonder why mario chase those 1 ups haha

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

Duh only ppl who take them would know this like me. Old news man

Frank 3 weeks

I feel like this "discovery" happens every 5 to 10 years

Maesterfully 3 weeks

Hellll yeaaaaaah I'm high as sh*t! If that doesn't cure depression I don't know what will 😊

Patty 3 weeks

They once made me give up smoking. For a few days.Crazy stuff

E N..
E N.. 3 weeks

This was first reported more than a decade ago, but nothing ever came of it.

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