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House panel votes to advance bill on slavery reparations

House panel votes to advance bill on slavery reparations

A House panel advanced approving legislation Wednesday that would create a commission to study the issue of paying reparations to the descendants of slaves. The vote to advance the measure to the full House passed 25-17. Prospects for final passage remain poor in a closely divided Congress. The bill, referred to as H.R. 40, was first introduced by Rep. John Conyers in 1989.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

Logistically speaking, such an idea is impossible. Nothing but blatant pandering and more false promises to the black community.

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 4 weeks

So people who had no involvement in slavery are supposed to pay money to people who were never slaves. That sounds like a good use of resources does it????

Rocky 4 weeks

In other news logic, reason, and common sense now outlawed on the house floor...😂🤣😂 These people I 'an't believe how dull they are.'It's like they never bothered to look at the topic and instead formed their opinions on it from social media posts.🤦🏽‍♂️

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 weeks

People who never owned slaves, paying people who were never slaves, because a small part of the population wants to instigate racial tensions

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

I never owned a slave you never picked cotton move along. Also how bout descendants of black slave owners which there were quite a few do they get any money? How bout the original slaves the IRISH do they get any money. How bout Cumala Harris family which sold slaves do they get money? How bout if your ancestors came here after slavery do they get money?

Hunter 4 weeks

I believe reparations should go hand in hand with bettering the communities of mostly black citizens as well. You can give someone all the money in the world, but if their environment still promotes behaviors that are unlawful, then the money won’t be as impactful as it should be. If they have a better education of how to build wealth, and better communities/role models, then I believe we would see a DRAMATIC culture change in those communities and crime drop significantly.

Seekster 4 weeks

We have been over this. There isn't a way to do reparations for slavery using tax dollara without creating new and widespread injustices.

Vark 4 weeks

And the cost of this bill should be sent to Nigeria, Congo, etc for selling people into slavery.

Green 4 weeks

This looks like an excuse to collect DNA samples. How else do you prove you are a direct descendant? And if this is the case the direct descendants of slave owners should be the ones that pay. People forget there was another side to all this.

R_Forde 4 weeks

This is a waste of time and resources.

Katie 4 weeks

Okay so openly racist government are trying to force people who are not racist to pay for government's racism. I must be having a nightmare.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

If this pass stock prices for Cadillac and KFC will go through the roof. This was on a Dave Chappelle show hilarious.

Brian 4 weeks

Totally ridiculous bill

Mike 4 weeks

If reoperations are to be paid who should pay pay it? Decedents of slaveowners? Successors in interest of plantations/farms that utilized slave labor? States that allowed slavery? The Federal government.

Garthak 4 weeks

Is there a way we can legally stop paying taxes? Or maybe just pay some taxes, like just pay for roads and police services, and defense, and not give money for b.s. like this?

Luther 4 weeks

Never gonna pass there’s to many intelligent people to let that happen

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 4 weeks

No reperation without separation. You all know they'll just demand more for being "victims" of "white supremacy" down the road. Besides, I'm sure they'll be happy never having to be forced to deal with those "evil" and "wicked" white "devil's" ever again.

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