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Biden’s infra plan allocates $5B for violence prevention

Biden’s infra plan allocates $5B for violence prevention

President Biden’s $2T jobs and infrastructure plan aims to deploy more than $5B to support community-based violence prevention programs. The projects would target economically distressed neighborhoods where Black and Latino people are disproportionately affected by gun violence. The administration hasn’t offered details.

Robert_Clearwater 4 weeks

I've got this bottle of ketchup but it's only 1/3 full so I put mustard in the ketchup bottle until it was full. Now I have a full ketchup bottle. If you disagree I'll send your state's bureau of investigation to your doorstep for a "wellness check."

jamie 4 weeks

So the recurring theme here is the places these remedies have been needed and tried are all Democratic ran areas maybe stop voting them in could be the remedy to reduce the people violence.

snarley 4 weeks

Oh you mean the infrastructure plan the majority of Americans want but the Republicans keep stalling so they can pretend the border crisis isnt Trumps fault?

Shono 4 weeks

Great Reset

Seth 4 weeks

“Violence prevention”

Seekster 4 weeks

How is violence prevention considered infrastructure?

John 4 weeks

Second amendment is to help everybody including those trying to defend their freedoms from a tyrannical government let me specify tyrannical government

David 4 weeks

Disproportionately affected by gun violence? You mean gang violence? Then stop targeting law abiding citizens rights to bear arms and say that the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle. Ps. It doesn’t...

Patty 4 weeks


B 4 weeks

Until these communities begin to take back their own communities from the criminals nothing will ever change. It has to start there...

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