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Zuckerberg urged to scrap Instagram for children plans

Zuckerberg urged to scrap Instagram for children plans

Facebook has been asked to scrap plans to create and launch a new version of Instagram which would only be available for kids. 99 groups and individuals have signed a letter from the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood. Via the letter it has been claimed that the platform which is said to be ’image-obsessed’ could have adverse effects to the health and privacy of children.

michael 3 weeks

Please scrap the idea zuck, pedophiles are too prevalent as it is.

Leslie S
Leslie S 3 weeks

Wow the greed is so rampant in his veins that he's willing to risk exploiting children!

JB1987 3 weeks

Social media is an addiction to the vast majority of people and now he wants to add more avenues to addict children even worse. Look what happens when you try to take away or limit the use of someone's electronic devices.

T a l
T a l 3 weeks

I’ll bet our fraud-in-chief child sniffing President and his <rack smoking ?edophile son would be the first to join.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

Good we don't need a kids social media platform. We need children to learn what hard work is and learn how to handle life. I swear the youth are just lazy these days and not all that bright either.

Hunter 3 weeks

Great way to ramp up anxiety at a young age.

Rational ific
Rational ific 3 weeks

He's not rich and powerful enough. He needs MORE. So now, he's coming for the kids.

Angry_Face 3 weeks

This is the devils work

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 3 weeks

Keep Zuckerberg and his nasty, intrusive companies away from children.

Lisa 3 weeks

And it is impossible to really know the ages of participants. This is good news the voice of common sense gets heard once in awhile.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

What's going to be the catch phrase? 'Get 'em while they're young?'

Mpcooner 3 weeks

This guy. Stop it already.

Arthur 3 weeks

He might as well kill facebook off as well!

riheg 3 weeks

This idea Zucks

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