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Twitter permanently bans Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe

Twitter permanently bans Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe

Twitter suspended Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe’s account permanently. Twitter said the account was taken down for ’manipulation and spam.’ It said users can’t mislead others on the platform by operating fake accounts, and artificial amplifications or disruptions of conversations through multiple fake accounts is prohibited. Project Veritas is a right-wing group famous for its sting videos.

Rocky 0 months

CNN's buddies gotta stand up for them. They are so transparent it's p@thetic. The damage is done. Everyone knows CNN is not a news organization at all now.

Got Truth
Got Truth 0 months

Exposing truth violates Twitter's community guidelines. How much do people need to recognize the Socialist Technocracy forming absolute power before your very eyes.

Dave 0 months

If you're going to put "Project Veritable is a right-wing group" then you should have to put "Twitter is a left-wing group". Or just, ya know, stop trying to poison the well by declaring what political affiliation you believe an organisation to have. Then it stops being a factual report and becomes an opinion piece.

Phoenix 0 months

I’m glad I deleted Twitter, a left wing organisation famous for it’s censorship and fake trending lists.

Jon 0 months

It's shocking that after PV has been debunked and embarrassed so many times people still look to it as hard fact🤦‍♂️

DScott 0 months

I deleted my Facebook and Twitter. Tech once beloved in a few open internet. Now they ban destroy information for political reasons. These platforms are dead.

Jackson 0 months


Seekster 0 months

Can we stop pretending that Twitter is a platform and start openly treating it as a publisher now?

jo‌‌n 0 months

Be brave. Do something.

David 0 months

When twitter bans you, you're probably onto something.

Something Witty
Something Witty 0 months

Twitter... are you a publisher... or a platform?

TaxTheRich 0 months

"How dare Newsvoice remove content from me that they deem to break TOS, how dare they ban me after my comments bringing THE TRUTH over the fake news." This is how dumb y'all sound, Twitter like Newsvoice has all rights to remove me or project Veritas from their platform. In fact they don't really even need to give you a reason, if you do not like it go make your own website.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Have to sensor the TRUTH by any means necessary.

Tristan 0 months

Also, we already knew twitter was going to ban him for all that other baggage he brought with him. This was one of the reasons he was banned (mass spreading of misinformation). I'm not a fan of big tech lurking over everyone, but I'm pretty ok with basic rules being enforced. If the dude created spam bots (which isn't unlikely, considering he's committed federal crimes, tried to seduce and film someone as a sting, and tried to smear planned parenthood), then yeah. The Ham Banner has spoken.

John Doh
John Doh 0 months

It's about time the government create a Department of Truth in order to tell the populace what is acceptable to believe. The public must only be permitted to read the officially authorized news, in order to avoid deception inherent in independent news outlets. AOC 2024!

Tristan 0 months The first link makes it easy for you. Just Google each incident and do your own research for once. There's way too much stupid in these comments with people backing themselves up with "that's a logical fallacy" while not even knowing what one is. The internet can only take so much INTENTIONAL stupid. At this point I'm unsure if everyone is in on and and acting dumb, or is just too lazy to actually use critical thinking skills and this magical thing called a search engine. At this rate, people are going to start using mein kampf and little red riding hood as their sources.

Rocket 0 months

Twitter is DOG 💩! JACK-OFF DORSEY is now going to see what happens when Discovery comes out with this Lawsuit for Defamation and Slander by Twitter against Project Veritas and James '' Keefe. ''m looking forward to the disclosures that will be forced to be produced from the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK (CNN) and the TWITS at Twitter! 😉

Jimmy 0 months

Incredible how many of you are on here defending someone who is such an obvious grifter. O’Keefe isn’t a journalist, he’s a shill and if you can’t see that you’re just wearing blinders.

M. Keith
M. Keith 0 months

And this has nothing to do with the whole CNN thing he just broke. OMG. It’s just brazen.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 0 months

I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner.

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