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Hong Kong court jails prominent activists over 2019 protest

Hong Kong court jails prominent activists over 2019 protest

A Hong Kong court sentenced several of the city’s leading pro-democracy campaigners to between 8 and 18 months in prison over their roles in 2019 protests. Among those sentenced was Jimmy Lai, 72, who founded the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper. The judge said the defendants ’deliberately defied the law’ and the unauthorized protests posed ’a direct challenge to the authority of the police.’

David 0 months

Big buisnesses protests Georgia for fake voter suppression but still do business with China, I eagerly await our president to push America to back out of the olympic committee.

Alex 0 months

Waiting on American companies to explain how this is ok, while they virtue signal here in America over petty identity politics. I don't really expect an answer though. Business as usual. I just hope Americans will realize that these companies don't actually care about your progressive values.

Vince 0 months

What a slap in rhe face to democracy! This man shouldn't be imprisoned for speaking his mind! For the life of me I don't understand why the U.S. doesn't do something about the Hong king crisis

Cole. 0 months


Glen 0 months

Is this what Demacrats are doing to conservatives who voice their opinions.

Joe 0 months

Free Hong Kong! Protesting isn't illegal or immoral!

Daniel 0 months

Yet another obvious kick in the face action by the Chinese oppression machine. Lets just keep buying their crap and supporting their economy, so they can oppress and murder their way accross the world. While the complicit media keeps the masses worried about fake crisis here ie racist cops, covid (thanks China), abortion, gay rights, etc etc. We are all idiots.

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