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Russian diplomats expelled by the United States

Russian diplomats expelled by the United States

Steps have been taken by the United States in order to prevent cyberattacks as well as other hostile acts from Russia. Due to this, the country resorted to banning Russian diplomats and President Joe Biden went on to announce a series of sanctions as well. This has resulted in Russia threatening the US claiming that they might strike back against the country.

Glen 2 weeks

Sounds like Biden is trying to rebuild the iron curtain.

David 2 weeks

Sanctions are really more of an annoyance rather than a deterrent. We sanction NK: still building and testing nukes. We sanction Iran: still enriching uranium so they can get a nuke. We sanction Russia: How are things in Crimea? Russia moving in military right up to Ukraine. And if they invade, what's Biden going to do? Tough talk and more sanctions? Our enemies just adapt to sanctions and persist on. If a sanction doesn't change an opposed activity, what good is it?

James 2 weeks

Not sure what all the chest puffing will achieve. If Russia (or China, or North Korea for that matter) want to interfere, they just need to send an agent with their laptop to another country with internet access.

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