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Chicago Police Union head calls Adam Toledo shooting ’justified’

Chicago Police Union head calls Adam Toledo shooting ’justified’

The president of the Chicago Police Union said the officer who fatally shot Adam Toledo was ’justified’ although the boy appeared to drop a handgun and raise his hands before he was killed. The remarks from John Catanzara came after Chicago’s Office of Civilian Police Accountability released bodycam footage of the March 29 incident. Catanzara said that the actions were ’100 percent justified.’

James 4 weeks

Although it's hard to see on the body cam, the gun was retrieved after the shooting. For the officer to make a split second decision when faced with a very real 'kill or be killed' situation, I don't feel he was wrong despite how sad the outcome.

John 4 weeks

CNN cropped out the images of the pistol in the kid’s hand. Another tragic death that only morally bankrupt bottom-feeders would seek to politicise.

jamie 4 weeks

I understand the outcry because a 13 yr old child is dead. Totality of circumstances says justified shoot. Gang bangers know their likely fate when choosing the life.

Djedhi Scribe
Djedhi Scribe 4 weeks

I seen the video, the kid didn't have a gun in his hand and his hands were up to show he had no weapon. Poor kid.

C 4 weeks

Just because he's walking around in the dark with a lethal weapon with obvious nefarious intentions that he should not have....hiding it from you clearly seen in the video, doesn't mean your life as an officer is at risk. He's probably on the way to Grandma's house to bake brownies for her. We must have more wokeism, you know evil Marxism with class replaced with race. These are the people saying to defund the police and such. They're all race bigots thinking race is the problem. Imagine when this Marxism finally takes place here, then we cannot have any dissenting opinions. Bigoted racists will be in charge? I've been searching I don't find any laws that are valid today that give one race special advantage over another. I have yet to see a society where Marxism has taken hold and the people that live under it are thankful. All of them try to leave, but of course the Marxist threaten your family members but it still won't stop people searching for freedom. The road to the evils of Marxism ends here. It will never stand in this country

Paschal 4 weeks

My father is a retired cop. He said that the kid should not have turn around when giving himself up especially the cop knowing you had a gun. He tossed the gun. Keep you back to the cop with you hands up. He instead turn around basically confronting him. That gives the cop a split second to decide if he turn around to shoot him . Put yourself in the cops shoes. If he did not see him tossed the gun he has to assume he still has it. That being said I still don't understand why cops can't learn to shoot in the shoulder or leg.

Aleks 4 weeks

You don’t think the USA has a police brutality problem? Police kill 33 people a years per 10 million inhabitants In Germany the number is 1.3... That is 20x

MIDESSA 4 weeks

Just another sad case of live by the gun. It's this child like mentality that guns make you somehow more than you are that continues to drive these things. Ahhhhhh but on the geological scale we as a species are still juveniles cognitively.

Eric 4 weeks

13 years old and out and about at 3 am? Charge mom and dad with something..neglect, or endangerment..

Glen 4 weeks

Doesn't matter if officer was justified. Media crazies want it to be about race.

Jeff 4 weeks

In my old neighborhood, there are quite a few teenagers I would consider a threat. I'm not on the gun control band wagon, but give a kid a gun and you just made a very dangerous situation.

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 4 weeks

This was not justified!! What tf are you people smoking? A cop only uses deadly force if he or she believes their life is in danger. If someone's hands are up and have no gun in them there should be no perceived danger.

Diego 4 weeks

Saw the video kid was popping off rounds in the streets as shown by CCTV in Chicago and basically put himself in this situation. There is evidence that he was a part of a gang, and doing gang activities during the incident. Tragic due to his age, yet foolish on the decisions he made and the failure of the parents for not reining him in.

Justice Kazzy
Justice Kazzy 4 weeks

The kid was nicknamed El Homicide

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