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Australian court rules Google misled Android users on data

Australian court rules Google misled Android users on data

An Australian court found Friday that Google broke the law by misleading users about personal location data collected through Android mobile devices. The decision was a partial win for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which has been prosecuting Google for broader alleged breaches of consumer law since October 2019. Google is considering an appeal

coughdrop1989 2 months

You had to go to court to figure this out? Then the people who got abused by this dont even get a kick back? Whats even the point of doing it then.

GB Oz 2 months

At least the Australian Government will do something about it. The American Government does nothing - period. The failings of American consumerism, greedy capitalism and very much let’s them act like it’s the wild wild west.

John 2 months

I thought as much.

Green Jonny
Green Jonny 2 months

Ban google.

James 2 months

This is not untypical of a lot of software. When loaded, the software optimizes itself to serve the manufacturer with the most feedback information (often argued as 'helping' improve the user experience). To turn off all the behind the scenes reporting is significant and, in some instances, renders the software useless.

Scott 2 months

Google is the most invasive and powerful tool for the N.S.A. The fact is the number of people that are on the internet that are not aware of what Google has been doing is frightening.

Shono 2 months

RIP Google, we know you killed Scott Krulcik

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