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United States sees rise in mass shootings in 2021

United States sees rise in mass shootings in 2021

While the year 2020 saw a considerable drop in mass shootings across the United States, 2021 has already seen a bunch of deadly cases. Eight people were shot and killed during a shooting in Indianapolis, at a FedEx facility on Thursday, with the shooter killing himself. The year 2020 saw a lull primarily due to coronavirus induced restrictions which forced people to remain indoors.

Milkshake 2 weeks

Police forces suffered a mass loss of staff, emboldening both criminals around the nation and also people with suspect backgrounds pushing themselves into the force which is thirsty for more workforce. Mental health is at an all time low. Media are engaging in so many distraction stories cycling them like mad that this also emboldens criminals to go haywire as there's far lesser chance news will stick to them or cover them in any meaningful way while society easily forgets with information and distraction overload. Also US politics has become so toxic it has started covering for criminals in some cases just for performative tribalism and activism. It's now literal Heaven for crime and mass shooters, a golden era for them to go wild, especially in cities where police have pretty much given up. So yeah, mass shooting upsurge is not surprising. I'm surprised New York doesn't have hundreds of people, related to those killed by Cuomo and AOC and all others in the district and city administration, arming up and going on revenge sprees against city management, but maybe that's just being prepped.

Miguel 2 weeks

US has been wracked with the over reporting of shootings. It's a transparent attempt by the dnc controlled media to scare everyone into banning guns

Rocket 2 weeks

Interesting correlation between Mass Shootings and Democraps trying to take away our Second Amendment Rights. The EXACT same type of actions occurred when Obumma was attempting to do the same thing. Of course SCUMBAG Obumma is likely behind the scenes pulling the strings of Dementia-Ridden, QUID PRO JOE!!!

Glen 2 weeks

Media created this problem, by over reporting these stories. They seem to be empowering the criminals.

chris 2 weeks

Gang bangers aren't included in the count.

Something Witty
Something Witty 2 weeks

How do you stop a bad guy with a gun?

jamie 2 weeks

Less gun restrictions, people get trained, carry a firearm problem solved

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