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Colorado scientist helps Artificial Intelligence learn to flirt

Colorado scientist helps Artificial Intelligence learn to flirt

A scientist from Colorado has taught various AI learning algorithms to flirt. Janelle Shane trained four versions of the GPT-3 AI – DaVinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada - to generate pick-up lines. The biggest one, DaVinci, was apparently the ’most competent’ one, able to create arguably meaningful sentences. One of DaVinci’s pick up line was, ’You have the most beautiful fangs I’ve ever seen.’

MrVairhein 2 months

A scientist knowing how to flirt seems like the accomplishment lol

scientist 2 months

"Are you a large file? Because I want to sort you by date."

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 months

Feed them some Frank Zappa lyrics. I'm certain that could add a whole new level for the toaster.

Nonone 2 months

Have to point out that the headlines on this are a bit misleading. Janelle Shane didn't train the AI, she's just using a commercially available AI (GPT-3 by OpenAI) to generate pick-up lines. It's significantly less involved than the articles are making it seem. If for example I want GPT-3 to generate news headlines, all I have to do is enter a list of example headlines and a bit of background info, like this: "The following is a list of recent news headlines. 1. Colorado scientist helps Artificial Intelligence learn to flirt 2. Australian court rules Google misled Android users on data 3. Biden reverses stance on refugee cap after criticism 4. Final preparations underway at Windsor Castle for Prince Philip’s funeral 5. Ted Cruz says he would no longer wear mask in US Capitol 6." When I hit Enter, GPT-3 continues the list and generates the following: "6. Trump says he is not considering firing Mueller 7. Ex-Trump aide Manafort faces sentencing in Virginia 8. Trump tweets that Russia probe is ‘rigged’ 9. US envoy says North Korea has not yet returned remains of US soldiers 10. US Supreme Court rules against Arkansas abortion law" So, yeah, it's neat, but it's not a new development, new tech or new research. It's just a goofy application of GPT-3. Works kinda like the predictive keyboard on your phone.

James 2 months

Byte me...

Merula 2 months

personal favorite is "It is urgent that you become a professional athlete."

Jeff 2 months

Not sure if good or bad, but basement dwelling uber nerds will never see the light of day again.

Aaron 2 months

Truly. This is the future we were promised

Faittastic 2 months

Imagine dating people online. YES that's how old you are.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

One step closer to the Stepford Wife robot. Wait for it...

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