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Ted Cruz says he would no longer wear mask in US Capitol

Ted Cruz says he would no longer wear mask in US Capitol

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) declared that he would no longer wear a face mask in the US Capitol or on the Senate floor. He said he decided this because ’everybody working in the Senate’ have received Covid-19 vaccinations. Talking to CNN, Cruz also referred to an earlier CDC guidance that said: ’Fully vaccinated people can visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks.’

whatsGucci 3 weeks

Love to see it. What’s the point in the vaccine if we don’t go back to a normal life without masks? Stop whining and crying about him not wearing a mask and if you don’t like it stay at home huddled in your basement. No one cares how you spend your life. Don’t ruin mine

Emmie 3 weeks

So much conflicting data from studies on whether they help or not. The CDC waffles back and forth on its own declarations.

David 3 weeks

You know... you could always just socially distance yourself from anyone that doesn’t wear a mask. Problem solved. At that point it makes no difference if you’re never within 10 feet of anyone without one.

Devster 3 weeks

People keep reassuring that the vaccine seems to reduce transmission (even though that was never its intended end point) and forgive my sparky quip here but I'm quoting many others who basically say hurry up and get vaccinated you selfish jerk so we can all get back to normal and you stop putting people at risk. So most senators are vaccinated except for a couple who already had COVID and one who has decided to take the risk of potential natural acquired immunity instead of vaccination. Sounds very low risk and like the supposed end goal situation so shouldn't they be able to at least unmask and socially distance if they want? There is no such thing as 0 risk and we need to stop pretending like we can ever attain it.

riheg 3 weeks

He made it clear that he doesn’t believe vaccinated people can be carriers. One “pro life” man against the scientific community, a republican “hero” in the war against science. I wonder if he also denies dinosaurs existed like so many others from that party

Brandon 3 weeks

I'm glad that the Trump years seem to have triggered Ted to finally grow a spine.

snarley 3 weeks

...does he forget hes a public servant and therefore is meant to lead by example? Oh wait nevermind....hes a Texan....they dont understand concepts outside of "me" and "mine".

Jon 3 weeks

Way to set a good example. Very mature of him. The point of the masks after vaccinated is to not signal to people to let their guard down. Just look at MI their ICUs are slammed and rationing care again.

Gloria 3 weeks

So sick of Fauci & news giving false info. More issues with his vaccines. Come on America, quit giving up your rights.

michael 3 weeks

He's not wrong. At least until a mutation makes its way to the Capitol. That's when we will see republicans again misunderstand science on purpose as a performance to their base. Being anti science is republican virtue signaling. "Look how much I love god!" They cry to their base as they deny trans people the right to exist, and oppose gay marriage, and ensure that climate change ends us.

Stablum 3 weeks

Sue him for spreading the virus. Easy. In Italy is a major crime, he would stay in jail for years.

taggart 3 weeks

Most intelligent people have no problems with wearing a mask until we know the virus is no longer. It would be nice to think that those who should be setting an example would do just that. Cruz is a douche playing to the morons and the USA is full of morons!

con-spiracy lover
con-spiracy lover 3 weeks

I wish he also would stop wearing a seatbelt and also stop looking both ways before crossing traffic. Why do some people just lack any empathy or common sense...they need to round these type of people up together and give them florida or something.

Boop 3 weeks

Yee haw parder. This dude is fucking braindead. If only toddlers were allowed to run. I’d see more sensible statements from a 9 Month old. On top of this goo goo gaga causes 100% less issues. Change my mind.

Bill 3 weeks

What happened to this country when it can vote in a person like Ted Cruz. He has got to be one of the most incompetent people ever put in office. The people of Texas have to make a better choice to represent the in Washington.

Aleks 3 weeks

What a lo.ser, is this the Cancun id.iot? Wear your mask like a good boy and shut your filthy mouth teddy.

Nunya 3 weeks

Too little, too late. Should have never put one on in the first place. f compliance muzzles

mCole98 3 weeks

So all the politicians have been vaccinated, but some Republican supporters think republican politicians are also against the vaccine. Tell me how that makes any logical sense When many of the companies involved with the vaccines also back Republican politicians.

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 weeks

ted cruz is eddie munster on crack cocaine

Roberto Giménez
Roberto Giménez 3 weeks

Explaining the science of variants to a grifter like Cruz is pointless.

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