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Facebook oversight board to make decision on Trump account indefinite suspension

Facebook oversight board to make decision on Trump account indefinite suspension

Facebook’s self-styled and handpicked ’Oversight Board’ will make a decision on whether or not to overturn an indefinite suspension of the account of former president Donald Trump within ’weeks’, it said in a brief update statement on the matter today.

Tony 3 weeks

I dumped FB when it happened. They go after Trump, but leave all the verfied hat groups and speech intact. Trump was not a racist. Racist don't gove 10yrs funding to HBCU's or achieve the lowest Black unemployment rates in 50yrs.

Tammy 3 weeks

Please, as if President Trump would even comeback... Nope facebook, I am afraid y'all done killed that cash cow.

Eli 3 weeks

The fact that a former president was banned at all is unbelievably alarming and a clear indication of the need for 230 reform we have allowed corperate control of the public square its time to institute common carrier classifications on ISPs and social media platforms

MF 3 weeks

It’s all fake authority. If people only flexed authority they actually had, we’d be in a lot better place as a society

Trevelyn 3 weeks

That's a joke .You know they do not want his voice to be heard . He goes against the communist ideology .

george 3 weeks

Of course they will...

C 3 weeks

You sick brainwashed, non self-thinking Marxists sheep. Preventing dissenting opinions from seeing daylight sounds exactly what happened in 1930s germany. First they tore down statues, then they blamed all the problems on one people group, then they stopped dissenting opinions. Look it up for yourselves. Antifa IS wholeheartedly and completely fascist. Because they're doing exactly what I described above that happened in 1930s

Brendan 3 weeks

Yea this isn’t going to be a biased decision at all.. *says sarcastically *

NapkinEater 1 weeks

"Oh no... anyways"

Phoenix 3 weeks

Facebook is the worst. They stop people from posting news articles that they disagree with. Why is anyone still on there?

Blake Downey
Blake Downey 3 weeks

Maybe focus on protecting people's data instead of Trump?

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