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Biden reverses stance on refugee cap after criticism

Biden reverses stance on refugee cap after criticism

Amid pressure, the White House said Friday that President Biden plans to lift his predecessor’s low cap on refugees by next month. An emergency determination signed by Biden earlier in the day stated the admission of up to 15,000 refugees set by former president Trump ’remains justified by humanitarian concerns and is otherwise in the national interest.’ The change is now expected by May 15.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Biden (a business democrat) promised an bunch of socialists and anarchists that he would hang the moon in the sky. Now in office, he is behaving exactly as he did for the past five decades, like a business democrat. Thanks for the votes, rubes!

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

I didn't know coming to the US for higher paying opportunities constitutes being a refugee. Refugee used to mean someone who's life is in danger.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

AND anyone who believes Biden is letting less people in than Trump is laughable. No one in their mind wouldn't believe that. This assertion proves they are not recording everyone they are releasing.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Pissing off the loopy left may be the only thing Sniffy has done that I like. 🤡🌎🤡🌎🤡🌎🤡🌎🤡🌎

Derek 2 months

Wow, hard left Democrats are now giving sweet boy Biden the same treatment they gave “bad orange man” Trump. The rhetoric says more about them than either president.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

I guess he really is the "Great Uniter" as EVERYONE seems to dislike him and his policies. We established a Democracy that no longer needs to worry about being ACTUALLY voted into office. Enjoy!

Jeff 2 months

Part and parcel for those two. They would not be in politics if it weren't so easy to use "racism" or "sexism" as a platform.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 months

~ Making a low wage menial serf class out of people hungover in the delusion of the American Dream is not my idea of being progressive. ~ Encouraging people to organize to make massive pilgrimages to the “promised land” is also not progressive. ~ Bombing the Middle East and encouraging further combat in Afghanistan is not progressive. ~ Packing the courts is not progressive. ~ Repealing all of Trump’s policies without regard or care is not at all logical. ~Building a wall and caging migrants in inhumane conditions is not progressive. Neither is trying to cover it up. ~ Shielding rioters, arsonists, and covering it up with your media allies is not progressive. ~ Trying to pay migrants into not coming has to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard. It’s wasteful, ineffective, and unsustainable. ~ Promising a Covid plan then coming out with extended lockdowns is still not a plan. What was the point of electing Biden? Anyone else including Trump would’ve been preferable. Biden has been nothing but spineless and pathetic in its opening months. I don’t like Trump nor do I approve of him and his admin. At this point I’d like to have him back. At least I could laugh at the demise of America underneath Trump as he made a mockery of the game the elites seem to be playing. He exposed it. Fun fact: Trump got worse coverage than Nixon after watergate. They now praise Biden, hoisting a corpse upon a golden throne and praising it as if it were their god-thing. I used to laugh at the world. One last act of defiance against a broken mask. Now all I can do is look at our president and see a parody of everything wrong with our Country in one man. I can only pray that someone puts this pathetic excuse for a president in the old folks home he belongs in.

GRANNI 2 months

It isnt racism for Americans to turn their hearts and money toward home which is America American children are going hungrey so is their working parents ....that have no medical dont have proper cloths I saw the shoes of those illegal ppl tbat were marching to outmr border Tbey look better newer than many the shoes children that attend the schools in my town Even their cloths were nicer Whats wrong with picture

george 2 months

You watch: suddenly 90% of the border crosses are now "economic refugees" and he's going to let the in without any checks at all. By 2024 he's going to give them voting rights.

Firkintoro 2 months

He is weak and will reverse stances many times and will be pushed in to many positions by colleagues and activists, this is the reason many voted for Biden.... this would not have happend under Trump...

GRANNI 2 months

Why is US the only place these children can find home why dont their parents come and get them go home go to work there Why come here and expect the ppl who are the working poor in the US to pay for their food their housing tbeir medical their cloths Wgen those American working poor cant get food stamps medical or free housing Where is the rightness in this Shame on Fed govt to expect tbe working Americans to pay for what they cant get themselves

Kenneth 2 months

Ask those who came before the US had all of these social programs! They came here not expecting anything but a chance at a new life.

Fishe 2 months

Biden's administration is literally shipping people in by bus and private jet (caught on film) and distributing migranr children to conplete stragers (caugnt on film), but the media sure won't tell you that.

Andrew 2 months

If they're going to offer anything to the economy through applicable skills then yes, let's allow them into the country through proper checks and registration. However if they have nothing to offer other than giving an extra vote to the corrupt democratic party then what is the point? All it does is dilute the American citizens' votes who wish to vote in the next elections

TexasReb 2 months

Hopefully they will actually focus on True Refugees like the Christians living under Islamic Sharia Law in Muslim controlled countries. These Christians whoes lives are constantly in danger and who must pay a Christian Tax to the Islamic government just to be allowed to live but never to live in peace.

Corn Pop【Bad Dude】
Corn Pop【Bad Dude】 2 months

I'm surprised he doesn't raze the illegal alien camps.

Glen 2 months

I wish I could believe Biden, unfortunately his words mean nothing. There just words.

snarley 2 months

This whole mess is one of the many Trump-era issues now somehow being blamed on Biden. This is the Republicans take responsibility and stop pointing fingers. Right now it's a pandemic...which is why he wants to keep the numbers low for opposed to Trump...who uses immigrants as a scapegoat for American capitalism.

Jeff 2 months

What?! Progressives outraged?!

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