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Unprecedented data on famous black hole announced by astronomers

Unprecedented data on famous black hole announced by astronomers

A team of hundreds of international scientists has released data and helped provide a more comprehensive understanding of the black hole present at the heart of M87, a galaxy, as well as the system it powers. According to suggestions, tests of famous mathematician Albert Einstein and his General Theory of Relativity could be improved due to the observations.

James 3 weeks

Anytime science and research is able to delve further into a phenomenon beyond what's already been achieved, those new results will be 'unprecedented '. Quote: Captain Obvious.

C 3 weeks

This is EPIC!! We can actually see the event horizon of something we only thought was possible not that long ago. Where do they come from? This mystery is still not understood. There hasn't been enough time in 13.8 billion years for them to use accretion to gain all their mass. Each galaxy has one at the center. How? Why? Did the galaxy create it or did it create the galaxy due to its gravity dragging material in? The questions still keep coming. Astrophysics is the most beautiful study of all of science

Morbo 3 weeks

Unpresidented data, so unpresidented they were unable to say what they found. 3 news articles filled with info on who where and when but missing the crucial what. Nice job MSM.

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