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O'Brien 4 weeks

Prosecution going to do their damndest to make it emotional and about race. Defense will highlight the reasonable doubt evidenced by disagreements in expert witnesses about cause of death, threats from unruly crowd, discrepancies in force expert testimony and Fentanyl overdosing.

david dindu
david dindu 4 weeks

I expect: 1. Riots if convicted 2. Riots of no conviction 3. Riots if hung jury 4. Riots if no riot

Jeff 4 weeks

He will be acquitted and buildings will burn.

Glen 4 weeks

Headline should read! BLM'S blackmail prosecutors to get conviction.

Rocky 4 weeks

I imagine it is more likely a hung jury. The prosecution definitely did not meet it's burden of proof. I mean they couldn't even come to a consensus on the actual cause of death. Pretty hard to say it was someone's fault when you don't even know how the person died and what caused it.🤷🏾‍♂️

Jon 4 weeks

The news reports are total BS, watch for yourself, see what really happened.

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