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Police officer from Massachusetts faces criminal charges over racist rant

Police officer from Massachusetts faces criminal charges over racist rant

52-year-old Patricia Lio, a white police officer from Massachusetts is currently facing criminal charges after she reportedly assaulted her husband and threatened her son’s Black friend in a heated dispute over the Black Lives Matter movement. A district court clerk magistrate ruled Thursday there’s probable cause for criminal charges against the police officer.

Tony 2 weeks

So the bruise on the husbands face and the account's given by the children don't matter? She went looking for a fight when she question and insulted the kids. Administrative Leave means she has been paid this whole time, since October. Like the FBI has stated, the law enforcement has been infiltrated by racist and white Supremacists.

K. 2 weeks

I know it’s just some “bad apples “ but haven’t the police learned anything in the last year? Everything you do is being watched. Just another bad apple making all cops look bad.

Glen 2 weeks

Stick a muzzle on all cops, they shouldn't be allowed to share their opinions. RIGHT!

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 2 weeks

Ok so the title of this story is extremely wrong. Shes been charged with assault related things not a racist rant.

Mutatis 2 weeks

What a mess. Husband says she did not hit him, which could merely be cover, but that assault on the husband is basically the crux of the entire legal case being presented. All that being said, it is unlikely you will be able simply berate someone into changing their mind on such an issue like BLM, though I can certainly see a cop having serious negative feelings to the group.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 2 weeks

If her husband isn’t pressing charges, she should not be criminally charged. As for her argument over the kid’s BLM stance... she’s in her own home and has a right to express herself as she chooses.. it’s called the first amendment and it’s not illegal to be rude or even to say racist things despite how we might feel about those statements. She’s a cop and the BLM issue is bound to be emotionally charged for many police, but if we start setting a precedent like this, by arresting people for what they say, we have serious problems.

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