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DOJ files civil lawsuit against Roger Stone over unpaid taxes

DOJ files civil lawsuit against Roger Stone over unpaid taxes

The DOJ filed a civil lawsuit on Friday against Roger Stone, accusing him of owing the government about $2M in unpaid federal income taxes. Investigators said Stone and his wife, Nydia, owed about $1.5M in unpaid taxes from 2007 and 2011, and an additional $407,000 from 2018. According to the complaint, the Stones used funds meant for an entity they controlled ’fund a lavish lifestyle.’

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 2 weeks

He avoided taxes through a loophole the same way corporations and business people do all the time. If he owes it, he should pay up but make no mistake, he’s being sued because of his ties to Trump.

James 2 weeks

What's betting if Trump hadn't pardoned Stone, none of this would be happening.

C 2 weeks

Look over here, (like anyone cares about this guy's situation) so you don't look at the biden families cronyism. Or this wokeism that is just evil Marxism with a race replacing class.

Jon 2 weeks

If he was dumb enough to have a two million dollar tax liability unpaid, then let him swing. If his accountant can show it was legit use of the tax code, same thing to the people wasting our money on a witch hunt.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 weeks

Wait.. a life long cheat cheated on his taxes?!? The horror!!

g. 2 weeks

That's not all he should be charged with!!!

Jos 2 weeks

Nail him!

MIDESSA 2 weeks

Hey maybe he could get another pardon.

John 2 weeks

Great to see the DOJ remains non-partisan. (Any word on Hillary or Hunter’s laptops??)

Glen 2 weeks

Is this really about taxes?

DikotamousRex 2 weeks

Doesn’t the IRS chase taxes?

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