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SûmFigöt 5 months
How to shut down commerce in one step: step 1 buy a $20 drone.
SimonR 5 months
Here's the free version: Step 1: "Is that a drone?"

Mr. A 5 months
Either some kid is playing stupid pranks, or someone is (I hope not) maliciously trying to fly it into an engine turbine or something to mess with a plane. This airport has more than enough security to let this happen again and again.
_M.H._ 5 months
Or testing security
Jwm2717 5 months
last time it was the police flying their drone and some one saw it and called it in, then the police had their drones looking for the reported drone and it happened least that's what it sounded like to me
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
Could also be someone running late and using a drone to hault flights so they can catch theirs.

DKO 5 months
Was there a drone this time around? Or is someone pranking them with false claims of drone sightings?

David B 5 months
Was it wearing a yellow vest?

Justin Kidd 5 months
Other fucking way for the invaders to disrupt life in Europe. Or maybe someone is marketing their new product which makes it impossible to fly drones in a wanted area?
SimonR 5 months
Government wants more policing powers, the only drones detected last time were police drones.
Mr. A 5 months
"They hate us for our freedoms," so governments helped us out by taking them away.
SimonR 5 months
Well they also randomly arrested some local drone enthusiast couple who had done absolutely nothing.