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Oliver Biscuit 5 months
What I would do is go on the news and say something like "Thess people want $10mil from me for the return of my wife. I'm not paying them a single cent. What I will do is give $1mil to the person that provides information that leads to her rescue and $20mil if my wife is returned unharmed and the ones proven to be responsible for this are returned with missing fingers."
The Masta 5 months
And then they would send you a package with all 5 fingers from your wife left hand and a tape with recording of the moment she lost them. Now you own them €20 millions. And a new finger everyday just to remind you this isn't a movies
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
Still wouldn't pay and id call for their heads along with the death of their direct family members.
Abaris Eiwar 5 months
There's no guarantee that they wouldn't kill her anyways, once they get the money. You can't trust evil assholes like this to keep thier word, this isn't the movies. He's better off making this public.