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Blaeingr 5 months
Very cool... lol, I remember when a 1 GB hard drive was cutting edge for a home PC.
P S 5 months
we were late the to home computer market, our first PC had 10gb HDD. my mom asked the salesman if she needed to upgrade and he was flabbergasted, and said 10gb would be all a family needed for the rest of our lives. haha
Randy Souse-Git 5 months
I remember how cool it was when floppy disks shrank from 5 1/4" to 3 1/2".
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
I remember that back in ~97ish. My friend and I got the whole shpeel from his dad. "486 with 1gig scsi drive" OH wow that's awesome! Then we played Duke Nukem and Doom all night

Robert Wing 5 months
My first computer had an 8mb hard drive. When it eventually filled up, I upgraded with another 8 MB hard drive, doubling my capacity. We couldn't imagine 1 GB back then. Now,I I take photos, and one photo would fill both of those hard drive.

beanie weaine 5 months
So happy this is news worthy
Legato Infographics 5 months
It’s one of the most interesting things I’ve read on here in a while, sick to death of US bullshit
KatoBytes 5 months
It is. This app has more than US politics you know.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
Maybe it's time I got a raspberry pi3 with retropie and one of these bad boys!
Blaeingr 5 months
Raspberry's with a 1 TB flash will make great little computers.
Paxton Deer 5 months
So much room for logs!
Blaeingr 5 months
and room for other stuff too :)

Dustin Rios 5 months

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
Need that in micro SD for my phone. Audiobooks.
Paxton Deer 5 months
Use Plex. You can host your own audiobooks locally at your home, then access them anywhere. Along with all your other 'legal' media haha.
Paxton Deer 5 months
I mean, unless data is a concern. Just saying.
ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
Data not a concern my dude. I actually use Last BitTorrent I allegedly downloaded was a Moby discography. Now things are so accessible I just use Spotify and Audible and YouTube. You wouldn't download a car???

Randy Souse-Git 5 months
Not sure you need to keep 1TB worth actually on your camera as PC Mag touted. Pretty sure you should move it off long before then for some post processing. When the price drops it should make for some great back up options with that small a footprint and universal compatibility.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
Remember Floppy Disks? I used to play Taco Maker Marathon on the computer. It was a game you played on Floppy disk that you got in your Taco Bell kids meal. Great times.

Joe Joyce 5 months
Finally some good news

david dindu 5 months
back in 96 my first pc had only 5mb space.

Daniel 5 months
A 4TB card on the way?? That’s about 1/2 a year of HD video at HEVC, in a tiny chip.... How long before we have wearables that record everything you see and hear?

GIGA -Money 5 months
my fist hdd was only 500gb, now this, time for raid 0 .

Rational ific 5 months
Technology is moving fast but also slow. In late 2010, I got a laptop with a massive 1 TB hard drive. Now, I still see some computers with 1 TB hard drives, when if things had remained exponential, I would have expected 16 TB hard drives to be common right now. I also think that solid state storage, including SD cards, are improving faster than hard discs. I might guess that within a decade, SSDs will likely surpass hard disks in terms of price per TB. Still, one problem is that previously, huge gains in performance were made with no increase in price. Now, including with graphics cards, you pay more to get more, and prices are slower to come down over time, so you have to wonder how much is up to innovation and how much is up to better things just costing more.

DishEtti 5 months
I remember having a 4 gb sd card for my Nintendo dsi. But damn, 1 tb?

Justin Kidd 5 months
Already talks of a 4tb prototype 😁