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Asura Bomb 5 months
when are people going to realize that immigration is just one part of the problem? he said he wants to tackle human trafficking and the dems dont want to help to stop that. "Why do we need to build the wall?" they ask. "Why not stop human trafficking?" I ask. Meanwhile people are bitching about race and sexism that dont even really mean anything.

M.Twain 5 months
AB please show factual data that Trumps Wall will solve that issue.
Paul Dixon 5 months
A wall would help stop these from crossing the border
M.Twain 5 months
PB, where is the horde from the last caravan, seems we didn't need a wall to stop them. And I have read that many of those in the caravan you point to plan to stop in southern Mexico.
Paxton Deer 5 months
Isn't Mexico entertaining the idea of a southern border wall? Or was that some fake news I read.

joe Vasquez 5 months
Good ! It’s been used for worse

Nick Eshleman 5 months
This sets a dangerous precedent. The fact that Congress holds the purse strings is a very important part of checks and balances.

Clayton Fraley 5 months
This creates a dilemma. Trump has made it obvious that he wants to declare a state of emergency solely for the wall. The courts are likely to say the wall does not qualify, which would reverse the emergency and leave him with no choice but to concede and reopen the government. I suspect he is aware of that, but if he looks like he is standing his ground, it will make him look better to his supporters. This seems more like a personal pr move than one in the interest of national security, especially with the shutdown affecting airport security, which certainly has a negative impact on our security.
M.Twain 5 months
The hell with national security what about the hundreds of thousands out of work and or pay.