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Havoc44 5 months
Wall OR Fence... notice how they all agree on a barrier

themdg MOD 5 months
From a frustrated land owner that sees people coming across the Rio Grande onto their property: "We saw people coming over. It was people that were good people, it was people seeking asylum for their children." Did they interview them? All of them? Follow up? These people have been taking cues from Pelosi.
DKO 5 months
Guess what, illegals don't loiter around near the border, their destination is a sanctuary city. Of course the land owners will have no complaints, they're always just passing through.

space ghost 5 months
As a business guy and someone who runs a plant if my workers said they needed a tool to do their job better I’d get it for them. If boarder agents and ice say they need it give them the tools they need.

theLifeOf 5 months
Wall. There’s no debate. The higher it goes, the deeper it goes, and the denser it is the better.

Vault Tec USA 5 months
DKO 5 months
Vault Tec USA 5 months
With crocodiles you gotta add em maybe some snakes too

SimonR 5 months
"What does the word wall mean?!?" - idiots.