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Ya Boi PI 5 months
ok, so its not ok for whites to oppress blacks. but it is totally fine for blacks to oppress whites there? Talk about double standards.
CoLpOeSnED 5 months
how so?

Robert Hicks 5 months
Considering how many whites are being killed by blacks, and how many black political figures are calling for all the whites to be killed... Nah, it's anti-black racism.

I am Cobalt 5 months
Notice how the teacher's race is not revelaed or talked about. Do you know why? Because she is black. White person do something? BAD. Black person do something? It's okay because they are "minorities". Liberals will eat this up and not be afraid to blame the children for being white and thinking theyre racist or something , ugh liberals.

LeweyDewey 5 months
Wait now, didn't our own beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg praise the constitution of South Africa as being so Progressive and heading in the right direction, where America should head to? It seems as though the USA is hundreds of years ahead of its time, and too many people at the top, "experts", could be either too ignorant, indoctrinated, stupid, or are part of a dark agenda to admit it. Since I doubt most of these people are stupid, I am inclined to think that they align with the indoctrinated, evil side that has crept into every facet of the world.
VaasDC 5 months
usually the simplest answer is the right choice... I'd go with stupid.
Hannibal 5 months
Yep... Still kills me that that whackjob RBG praised their convoluted, unworkable, and nonsensical constitution. She actually claimed it was SUPERIOR to ours because it was intended to create "justice".
VaasDC 5 months
mmmm stupid people.

DKO 5 months
Funny how competitive victimhood always leads back to division and bigotry.

david dindu 5 months
she gave them a safe space. very progressive

Maesterfully 5 months
If it were the opposite with white kids at a table no one would bat an eyelid and call it progressive but because there are a few more white kids in a class and the teacher thinks they should have their own identity it's automatically racist? Disgusting hipocrisy

Avi Khait 5 months
They just need to exchange tables. Problem solved.

Bennington 5 months
south Africa really misses the apartheid times

MightyMargulis 5 months
not to defend segregation but its probably a smaller table due to the smaller number of them.

chrisretusn 5 months
This is the new diversity, just look at colleges in the US, students demanding racially segregated safe spaces.

Danny Mcgrath 5 months
They're sitting at the 'low-IQ table'. Guess which table is which....