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pir8prod 1 weeks
As far as I know Netflix' TOS allows for use across 5 devices.

themdg 1 weeks
“A typical pattern would be you have a subscriber that is simultaneously watching content on the East Coast and West Coast of the US. “That’s unlikely to be the same person." That's me on a trip, watching from my phone, while the family at home, streams from my XBox. Sounds pretty legit to me. It's so sad when these companies turn against their customers. With all the content Netflix is losing this year, all I need is a gentle nudge to drop them... Plex does the job these days.
VaasDC 1 weeks

Dr. Jones 1 weeks
Translation: We are losing money so make your wife and kids get their own accounts

John Hall 1 weeks
I remember when they encouraged you to share your account.

Darmonk 1 weeks
So why the helll do you let users create multiple "profiles" under one account if sharing said account is not allowed?????
A Car Guy 1 weeks
It is meant for people that pay for an account and then put their credentials online for anyone to use. Friends and family are not included. Although it did mention potentially paying more for a premium version that allows you to have multiple devices as is not the norm.

Tetranome 1 weeks
😳 They have become self aware...

A Car Guy 1 weeks
The USA today link doesn't work for me. 🙁
themdg 1 weeks
Weird. Worked for me.

Joe Joyce 1 weeks
“I can’t see this glitching up and messing with families trying to use Netflix” i yell sarcastically

Jdf88 Jdf88 1 weeks
so what happens if you travel for work and happen to be watching netflix across the country while your wife and son are home watching whatever?

Guillaume Eachus 1 weeks
Really Netflix? You are one of the last almost universally loved tech/software streaming service giants, and this will only push people away from the platform. Show us the data to back up any claim on how much money this is costing the company, and then, and only then, raise Netflix monthly subscription cost by $1.99 if needed. Going after the user base is NOT the answer.

Samuel Pearson MOD 1 weeks
How dare these people?!

joe Vasquez 1 weeks
Lol hate we share with friends and family lol. Scare tactics
noonespecific 1 weeks
Share your account get them hooked. Then revoke the privilege. Maybe they will get a few more subscribers.

Connor 1 weeks
Rest in peace VPN users.

Joao L.Freitas 1 weeks
thats‘s really a bad idea.