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Redd 10 months
Did people really believed Mexico eould write a random check to America dor a border wall just because? Jesus, you have to tell everyone everything...

david dindu 11 months
he mispoke. he meant to say mexico will build the wall

Mr. A 11 months
If it sounds too good to be true, probably is.

yuckycrumpet 11 months
There won't be a wall so it doesn't really matter. 2yrs he had before the Dems got in and failed so no chance now. Both sides did agree on reopening a bunch of the government but Trump rejected it. Even Fox news has been reporting on this. I feel sorry for 800k folks he is using for nothing now.

themdg MOD 11 months
I've never had a problem with taxpayer money funding the wall, or any kind of border/national security. Isn't that what my dollars are for? Roads, and safety.

Mike McWay 11 months
Back in 2015 while debating my Mom on this, I hypothesized that that what he ment was the they would pay for it through a reduction in US dollars crossing the border. Less illegals means less money being sent western union back across the border.

Blaeingr 11 months
... and so? This is no worse than Obama promising that you can keep your doctor. How many government programs are as advertised? Not many, unless the advertisement is so vague almost anything would fit. Get over the BS and negotiate... which some of the Democrats are woe to do. BTW if Pelosi was so correct in her stance why is her job approval so low (33.5)... in this case her national level approval is relevant.
yuckycrumpet 11 months
So you're saying it is a bad thing they're not paying and Trump did lie
Blaeingr 11 months
Ben, I'm saying its political hyperbole. Only the naive believe this stuff absolutely, especially when it comes to complex subjects.

RickFit 11 months
Andy Lord 11 months
Tariffs increase the price of goods entering America. Americans, not Mexicans, would be paying for the wall if we used tariffs to pay for it.
Hannibal 11 months
Andy, it would also discourage Mexican production and encourage domestic producers. This nation was built on mile-high tariffs
Mr. A 11 months
Would Ford autos made in Mexican factories be tariffed?

Hannibal 11 months
The man really has a talent for selling good policy in the worst possible way.

Vault Tec USA 11 months
Lol I could've told you that they already said No to it

Josh Ya 11 months
Those of us who can think for ourselves know exactly what is meant by "secure our borders". The Lefties want to lie about judicial nominees, push for killing police, support illegal aliens ahead of our own veterans and citizens, and push for socialism. That my friends is anti American.
_M.H._ 11 months
None of what you said is true.
JMMA-Z 11 months
actually all of it is.
Vault Tec USA 11 months
Actually no it isnt people are comprised of many different police taking all the worst and radical qualities of people who call themselves left and democrat is gross misrepresentation of the group same as if you do it for republicans its childish uninformed and shows lack of compromise and negotiation Ive met moderate leftists and radical republicans and vice versa a group is comprised of people with different ideas this does not mean the group is about those ideals until you adequately describe the group