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Mr. A 9 months
Obama wasn't hawkish enough for ex CIA henchman Pompeo. He and Bolton are so similar to Clinton, but with a different party label slapped on.

SN 1054 9 months
If the US and allies had NEVER gone over there and destabilized everything we wouldn't be having so much trouble with the extremists.

David B 9 months
Well he inherited 2 wars and ramped it up to 8. So I don't think he abandoned shit.

Josh Kohler 9 months
The legacy of American Shame being that of interventionist wars and expanding war from two countries to eight? That is over? No? That's weird... he means drone strikes are down? No? That's weird... I would LOVE for the era of American imperialism and world policing to end. Bring the troops and money home.
Hannibal 9 months
If it were actual imperialism we wouldn't be punching below our weight class. Our rules of engagement are a bad joke.

Elisabeth St. Claire 9 months
It is about time.

Mister Brown 9 months
From an international perspective, I confirm that you're all still shaming yourselves pretty thoroughly ngl.
Der Rikmeister 9 months
Mister Brown. I guess just like a stereotypical American, you think your opinion represents everyone else around you.
Hannibal 9 months
Says the supplicant living off a peace they couldn't create.
Real Person 9 months
Not all, just the dirty lying Democrats. From an equally international perspective.

Russ Kurtell 9 months
An American leader who doesn't hate American. Feels good.
Cory Pritchard 9 months
Bombing more women and children, creating enemies around the world in the name of America feels good? Yall are crafting a scary future for the inhabitants of thos country...
Russ Kurtell 9 months
You should change your name to Cory Pritchtard.
Cory Pritchard 9 months
We're in 8 countries dropping 30k bombs/year. I'm arguing that continuing to kill innocent civilians will create further hatred towards America, but sure I'm a tard good argument.

Watheverable GRAMPS 9 months
Obama BTFO.