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Watheverable GRAMPS 9 months
Media loves to take Trump literally, it's their bread and butter.
Brandon Spears 9 months
Can you tell me how he plans to pay for the wall?
Rick Sanchez 9 months
Brandon, can you tell me how and (especially) why are we supposed to pay for illegals who don’t belong here?
Andy Lord 9 months
Shouldn't we take the president seriously, gramps? I'm not an anti-Trumper, but it's hard to take him at his word when he exaggerates and stretches the facts like this. For a guy who talks about fake news it's hard to tell when we should take his words at face value.

joe Vasquez 9 months
Ya if you thought that’s what he meant your slow as fuk
Adam Marceau 9 months
remember they are Democrats and socialists so slow is kind of their thing

Mister Brown 9 months
Trump never lies in the eyes of his followers. Everyone else just watches y'all get played.
Beisht Kione 9 months
And he does nothing right in anti trumper eyes. I have a long time friend, left wing and staunchly antiwar except for existential threats to the US. Hes been bitching about wars in the middle east for the last decade I've known him. Now that Trump is pulling troops out of the middle east, he wants troops to stay. That a personal anecdote of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
MEIJIN44 9 months
If you believe another country is going to pay for our border wall then you are barking up the wrong tree. Politicians always make broad claims that are not really possible the way they state it. A president only has so much power. Anyone who has even a fleeting understanding of our governmental system or how foreign governments react to each other would know that was not be taken literally. Just like when trump said he would lock Hillary up. The president no matter how great can't do that. They might be able to influence someone to get an investigation started but not directly. That is just good sense. Why do liberals not understand how our government works? Sure there's corruption but nothing that our conflicting balance of power can't handle. I mean I voted for Bernie with the understanding that the conservatives would check him from going full socialist. I definitely won't vote for a leftist democrat without a house and Senate majority republican aligned. Balance is key don't go to far left or right or this country will be ruined.
Andrew Colomy 9 months
Trump uses a lot of hyperbole in his speech and it constantly bites him in the ass. With that said, he didnt really lie.

9 months
This guy has no Honor or respect for our country or himself.
Beisht Kione 9 months
but what about the price of tea in china?
AlexK 9 months
I don't agree with that statement. He boosted the economy, increased the GDP growth rate to 4.2 percent, created jobs and lowered unemployement. These were just a few thing that Trump did for USA and you included.

M.Twain 9 months
Trump really thinks his cult followers are stupid.
T Ftw 9 months
No, a lot of us knew Mexico wouldn’t be writing any checks because you can take trumps words at face value

Brandon Cawley 9 months

Brandon Spears 9 months
Can anyone explain how Donald Trump plans to pay for the wall and why Mexico isn't going to pay for it in any way at all like he said they would?
Nick Stice 9 months
because as president he can only follow through what he himself promised, not what he promised others would do.
Beisht Kione 9 months
It was a bogus campaign line. The wall will be payed for through the reworked trade negotiations and the money saved from the illegals that are blocked from entering the US and using services, infrastructure, etc. I was never under any illusion that he would evrler be able to get Mexico to pay for it and was a reason I didnt vote for him in the election. All they hyperbolic statements bugged me. Now that he has actually done everything he said he was going to do, in one way or another, I'm a fan.
Brandon Spears 9 months
@Besht Kione that's fine if you approve of what hes doing, but it causes consistency issues when he supposed to be a conservative and save money yet hes spending it for starters. 2. A vast majority of illegal immigrants still come from expired visas, so its still not going to stop illegals from being here 3. Rather than a wall, why not just use technology to help prevent border crossings especially to areas more prone to crossing? I guarantee it would be cheaper than the wall over time fixing due to maintenance. 4. The wall is actually going to be a tall fence because border agents need to see through it's not even a wall 5. No seriously, why do you guys not care we are going to pay for something that isn't going to stop illegal immigrants completely

Steven 9 months
Did someone finally manage to teach him that a trade deficit does not mean debt owed to another nation?

Ben B. 9 months
I'm down for Ted Cruz's idea. We have $14bn in El Chapo's assets sitting somewhere, why not use that, and other assets siezed from drug traffickers? Use the poison pushers money to pay for it.
Watheverable GRAMPS 9 months
That is a legitimately brilliant idea!

VaasDC 9 months
of course he didn't mean it. he said it so that idoits would jump on, it's quite obvious the Americans citizens would be rooting the bill.

lars salberg 9 months
Why would he even say that in the first place?? If immigrants from Mexico were as bad as he said wouldnt it be beneficial for Mexico to NOT have a wall so all the «criminals» would leave their country and go to the US?
Watheverable GRAMPS 9 months
It's campaign bravado, in know, shocking.

Jake Kain 9 months
Why is nobody stopping this... this is not the first time that - can I remind us all - the President of the United States lies about facts, that are openly on the internet.
Watheverable GRAMPS 9 months
Oh jeez, a president hasn't 100% kept his campaign promise, impeach!
Mr. A 9 months
Not the first, just the most recent. Every president in my lifetime has lied about facts on the Internet now, or books at the time.

david dindu 9 months
he mispoke. he meant to say mexicans will "build" the wall
SimonR 9 months