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Sarah Talbert 5 months
It is absolutely insane to me that big companies are trying to normalize shooting up. We let obesity slip through the cracks and now we're going to let IV drug use be mainstream? Ive considered diabetics but every one I've ever known was prepared to take care of their own needles and would never be in a place like Starbucks anyway. Not much for them to eat or drink there.
VaasDC 5 months
I have no issues with shooting up in actual medical places. Portugal has a few and has seen a decrease in drug use..... but in places like coffee shops. er....
Vault Tec USA 5 months
How about nearly all damn bathrooms require its not just for shooting up, individuals that need emergency injections such as insulin need proper needle disposal locations for such things so don't go off rattling and assuming its just for druggies and even then if it helps stop the spread of STDs and AIDs its beneficial people do drugs its fact ya cant make people stop but lets just try to make the situation safe
Dj Mmann 5 months
You can’t stop people from shooting up. Going to pat them down before they enter the bathroom? I think it’s good they are taking measures to protect their employees.

Steven 5 months
I have not seen any evidence that needle disposal boxes normalize intravenous drug use. They seem to be an effective and popular method of protecting the public from needle sticks