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Sarah Talbert 5 months
It is absolutely insane to me that big companies are trying to normalize shooting up. We let obesity slip through the cracks and now we're going to let IV drug use be mainstream? Ive considered diabetics but every one I've ever known was prepared to take care of their own needles and would never be in a place like Starbucks anyway. Not much for them to eat or drink there.
VaasDC 5 months
I have no issues with shooting up in actual medical places. Portugal has a few and has seen a decrease in drug use..... but in places like coffee shops. er....
Vault Tec USA 5 months
How about nearly all damn bathrooms require its not just for shooting up, individuals that need emergency injections such as insulin need proper needle disposal locations for such things so don't go off rattling and assuming its just for druggies and even then if it helps stop the spread of STDs and AIDs its beneficial people do drugs its fact ya cant make people stop but lets just try to make the situation safe
Dj Mmann 5 months
You can’t stop people from shooting up. Going to pat them down before they enter the bathroom? I think it’s good they are taking measures to protect their employees.

TheeSabin 5 months
Here is another reason I don't like to shop at Starbucks.
Darren Munsell 5 months
After the diversity training, now this ... this company has fine so woke that it's encouraging drug uses.. "would you like a latte with your cocaine ?"
Presley Perswain 5 months
Although illegal drug users probably account for some of these needles, there are other sources, such as diabetics who use needles for insulin and for blood sugar level testing.

Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
Get woke go broke. Can't wait for them to blame shit sales on Trump next quarter as their stock dives.

Sir Dragon 5 months
And why Do we think that Junkies are all just going to use those thrashbins , I would rather think that they're going to rummage around them in search for a needle that still has some juice

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
"accidental needle sticks", wtf? And that's so common employees need to sign a petition to get the issue fixed?! WTFx10. Clearly diversity is your strength Starbucks, junkies and refugees, what a lovely coffee you must brew, I mean soy shitaccino.

Steven 5 months
I have not seen any evidence that needle disposal boxes normalize intravenous drug use. They seem to be an effective and popular method of protecting the public from needle sticks

Ralph 5 months
Seattle leading the charge as usual. what does it take to force people to deal with this kinda shit, why have they let Seattle turn into such a shithole. surely not everyone is a die-hard liberal.

Mike Clark 5 months
Maybe they should only let customers use the toilets... Oh, yeah... That's... It was wacist

pir8prod 5 months
Many Starbucks employees are part of a union. It seems like the union should be prioritizing physical safety of workers over political correctness.

Miles O'Brien 5 months
Another reason to not patronize coffee shops. Take a leak and watch an addict shoot up.

Barely Even Talks 5 months
well, we know that no one can be prevented from using the bathroom because if they are anything but white it will be an immediate lawsuit for Starbucks. So they literally have to let every Junkie use their bathrooms as a shooting gallery. And all they can do is damage control by trying to protect their employees from getting AIDS or hepatitis. Sad times.

VaasDC 5 months
uh... brilliant? lol

Michael Tatom 5 months
Put those things on every corner in the hood.

Lavose 5 months
oh man, I'm one step closer to getting my Starbucks glory hole!

david dindu 5 months
whats next? free starbux condoms?

Kevin Gary 5 months
I don't agree with creating space for drug use as I don't agree with creating space for book burnings. normalizing the issue will not fix it. stop safety netting the people with tax payers money and let them fall. if any thing spend the money on clinics to get clean and only that. stop handing out the means to the addiction. it may hurt to watch them do it but they are adults and have to want to get clean for them selves. anyone who has felt with drugs or a family member who has know you can't force someone to get clean.