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InsideOutFetus 5 months
I wish I could feel bad for govt workers... but I just cant.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
Give the president the $5 billion to fulfill his mandate and the Govt. will be open to pay all the """essential""" workers.

Andre Gerard 5 months
So according to Vox (I know its hardly a source) Democrat senators have suggested a bill to  “prohibit landlords and creditors from taking action against federal workers or contractors who are hurt by the shutdown and cannot pay rent or repay loans.” So they want to punish people in the private market because government workers didn't have the foresight to save for a rainy day?
themdg MOD 5 months
So now capitalism is also shutdown with the government. Give me a break...

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
The shutdown will end as soon as the president gets $5 billion to fulfill his mandate.

themdg MOD 5 months
So, looking at that woman's poster showing her expenses. $15,800 of bills since the shutdown? That's $790/day, or 288k/year. Ok Ok...they probably don't pay all of those expenses every paycheck...but the exaggeration is a bit silly. That sign should say "I had $0 in my checking account before the shutdown." Wouldn't these people spend their time looking for a replacement job, just in case? I would.

FATBINK 5 months
Fuck'em. They should be protesting the Democrats for not wanting to negotiate.