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Avewarrior 5 months
it is warming to have an article that is positive for once, a little break from the drama of politics.
Ronan Sorgdrager 5 months
Justin Kidd 5 months
Plot twist: that baby is the next Hitler.
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
Lol Justin. Good on the driver to save that toddler.

Lipids 5 months
always thank the bus driver
SpicyTake 5 months
Very cool

Nat M 5 months
Where are the parents?

Random Bit 5 months
So what happened? Where are the parents?
DKO 5 months
"After authorities arrived, they were able to reunite the baby with her father, Hasan Ali Abdul Kasim, FOX6 Milwaukee reported. Kasim told the station he believes his wife, who he said has a mental illness, took the baby to a church across the freeway and later forgot about her." I'm more interested in what he had to tell the police and child protection services, because what he told the press smells fishy.

SN 1054 5 months
"This is the nin[e]th lost or missing child to be found by bus drivers in recent years, according to MCTS." What about the other 8 bus drivers? Why are there so many?

Vault Tec USA 5 months
"Look lady if you cant afford the bus fair Imma be taking this kid as collateral till you do "

Steven Cline 5 months
Bravo, Irena, Bravo