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DKO 5 months
The incident happened 10 years ago, did she never wash her privates since then? Also, he never denied sexual contact, what will DNA testing change? Could she be any more blatant at gold digging?
VaasDC 5 months
funny how they settled this long before, and now shes wants more it seems. I'm pretty sure he paid her out and everything. he didn't want to be with her and she had a tantrum.
Josh Ya 5 months
VaasDC, He's a relative of yours? Or are you just an obsessed fan?
VaasDC 5 months
oh yes mentioning the case that happened years ago makes me obsessed or a family member. tell me what's it like being elbows deep in bullshit. try harder please.

NPC #9273635 5 months
Just because she spent her hush money and is suing for more money doesn't make this all about money. #NotAboutMoney

Miles O'Brien 5 months
The police cannot issue warrants.
Syrocynical 5 months
more like they get the judges to do it based on their suspicions that they then carry out
chrisretusn 5 months
They didn't issue a warrant, they sent a request to Italian officials get his DNA. Of course all the stories reference a Wall Street Journal story citing an unnamed source.
Josh Ya 5 months
Fake news if it came from the WSJ.

Undercover Genius 5 months
Yeah, because Ronaldo has to rape women.... Piss off you money grabbing ho bag.
David B 5 months
I don't think you understand rapists mate. Which I guess is a good thing.
VaasDC 5 months
I dont think you understand money hungry whores.
VaasDC 5 months
they banged, she wanted more, he paid for her to leave, years later now she wants to sue for more. lol

Ronan Sorgdrager 5 months
He’s more likely to try and score with the person looking back at him in the reflection on his mirror.

O'Brien 5 months
The guy is a millionaire, looks like an Adonis, is one of the most identifiable celebrities on the planet, has the discipline to be outstanding in a field of champions, has a stable marriage with four kids since and must have had women throwing themselves at him since puberty. Wonder what they're proposing his motivation to rape was?
David B 5 months
Power trips.
O'Brien 5 months
Don't think you understand the psychological profile it takes to achieve what this guy does while he's at the office. Plus hookup women are extremely cheap and inconsequential in his world. Power over them is virtually worthless. She says no, he boots her out on her ass and calls the next one who'll be there in 10 minutes. Doesn't fit remotely.
Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
I have literally never heard of this guy until recently and still couldn't care less. Most rapists rape for the rush of control not sexual release from what I've seen in studies, but yeah having said all that I think this is total bullshish.

Bret Clark 5 months
This is going to bother a lot of people, if something comes of it.
Justin Kidd 5 months
Comes out of Ronaldo? Surely, if they want it's DNA.

Free Speech 5 months
He'll not fck her again, I bet.

Ebrola 5 months
Kavanaugh and Stormy Daniels

Josh Ya 5 months
2009? Hmmmmmmmm.........I wonder if Judge Cavanaugh was there.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
The good thing of not being famous or rich is that I don't have to deal with shit like this! Lucky me!