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DKO 5 months
Not much to go on, other than alarmism, until they actually publish the data next week. In one article, they mention how it can take 1000 years for the oceans to reflect the temperature changes from the surface... Maybe medieval Europe should have switched to electric horses. /s

G-Rex 5 months
Makes sense that with record atmospheric temps, that the ocean would follow suit. This is some ominous ass info.

MrTexaspreacher 5 months
In before a year from now it gets leaked that the data was tampered with and is fraudulent.

AshLiamBerg 5 months
Damn those solar flares.

Jus Saying 5 months
How did they come to the conclusion that it must be fossil fuels causing the ocean to warm and not a natural phenomenon.

Miles O'Brien 5 months
That must be wrong. I think pretty fast.