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DKO 5 months
About 74 years too late.
Undercover Genius 5 months
Rest in hell.

Justin Kidd 5 months
R. I. P.

Monster Mash 5 months
Satan has a new playthings tonight, I hope he gives him all the karmic retribution he deserves.
RebornZA 5 months
Ya know I'm not religious but I believe what the Christians say: Hate the sin, not the sinner. Maybe think on that.
Idiot Prole 5 months
The simple fact is that humans are disturbingly malleable. Odds are very high if any of us were in that situation we would not be doing something positive to help the situation, as ethical / moral as we would like to think we are.
Monster Mash 5 months
rebornnz and idiot probe and any one else who wants me to forgive NAZI'S, to be the bigger person. my grandfathers parents were killed in the holocaust and he had to watch his back for years! I take back nothing and forgive nothing in regards to the NAZIS. they made him an orphan with no family at 15. so when madman and his "misguided guards" come for your family, leaving Thier country and home in ruins. you can preach forgiveness to yourself.